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XP Themes / Greenius.VS for GAIA

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Artist's Note

yeah yeah I know this took quite some time, but dang I love the outcome!

How do I get this added to gaia.customize.org?

I'm buissy as hell with work so time for custoing is really rare, so I also won't be doing any other matching skins or icons or whatever ...but I'd really love to see other people doing ports and additions to this!

fonts are included, I used a blank font to get rid of the username in the startmenu, so install em if you don't allready have em!

PS: from what shit I'm reading on here I'm quite happy I wasn't that active these days ....you people should stop bitching allready and start ignoring who needs to be ignored!

...oh I forgot...this was still based on minimal classic by static- so credits to him!
also credits to toki_doki whose concept inspired this work

fixed a bug where I forgot to replace some toolbar buttons, thx to bernadinho for pointing it out

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (51)


oh my god...... this looks very nice. I like that shade of green a lot. A mod if GAIA Icons would work so well. Excellent!

Sun, Sep 2nd at 08:57am (10 years ago)
Thinker says:

This is really beautiful, I can't wait to test it once my laptop works again. Good work on the vsiualstyle ;) and thanks!

Sun, Sep 2nd at 08:58am (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

yeayuh. looks smoooth. very refreshing amid the bullshit that has been the past few days here. +love.

as far as i've seen the submissions that appear of the front page of gaia.customize.org have never changed. the link to my samurize config is even dead bc i reuploaded. your best route would be to just add it to the gaia bundle/group.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:17am (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

also, you can enable/disable the user name on the start menu in stylebuilder, or set the font size to zero...your way works fine over here tho :)

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:18am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

<_< ...didn't think of that...thx ;)

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:40am (10 years ago)

I tryed to recolor gaia, but it didn't work out. How is it done?

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:42am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

what do you mean? ...this is a completely different vs

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:47am (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Nice one Mad. This is really slick and with a lot of attention to detail. Loved :)

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:55am (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

I tried to figure how to add this to the GAIA suite Tobias, but still i got no idea. PM to Lamp or Revird.

BTW, great vs, again.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 09:58am (10 years ago)

amadme: I tried to recolor GAIA icons so they were green like the ones in your preview of this vs.

It doesn't work out for me, how is it done?

Sun, Sep 2nd at 10:10am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

ah ok...open the pngs in photoshop, double click the thumbnail in the layers panel to get to the blending options, then use color overlay, choose your color, and set blend mode to multiply, then just transfer em to iconworkshop or any other png to icon converter

Sun, Sep 2nd at 10:22am (10 years ago)

Thank you, I will make an icon pack for this great vs

Sun, Sep 2nd at 10:25am (10 years ago)
swayso says:

finally it's comes out. great done! mad.
i'd like to have some mod on it in the near future :p

Sun, Sep 2nd at 10:26am (10 years ago)
qslig says:

thx mad for adding some great stuff, this site has seen a lot of crap lately.


Sun, Sep 2nd at 10:28am (10 years ago)

Oh, I'm very happy to see this vs released. I really liked it, since I saw it in that ss. Weird, yesterday I remembered about it and almost sent you a message asking if you had abandoned the project. I'm glad you didn't. I wish I could have spare time and knowlegde to make a winamp skin to match it... =/ Thank you

Sun, Sep 2nd at 10:43am (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

wow, very pretty. top notch.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:03am (10 years ago)
craves says:

oh my god, this looks amazing, beautiful, gorgeous.
love all of your work!

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:10am (10 years ago)

It's freaking amazing.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:23am (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

oh god this turned out really great. Love the freshness

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:27am (10 years ago)
akka says:

hover states are lacking, for things like radio buttons and checkboxes. they make me feel like they're disabled, when they aren't. i think the buttons could be more prominent (though i love the orange mouseover text). i always like to have at least some sort of demarcation for list and comboboxes, and for me it feels incomplete without it. small things like tabs and the placebar feel like they could use more detailing. this is all just my personal opinion of course, so take it how you will.

that said, this is beautiful. great job, and 'grats on finishing.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:46am (10 years ago)
HOPE04 says:

This is such a great skin, favourite part of the skin is the start menu. Love the skin, gonna be my skin for September. :)

Sun, Sep 2nd at 12:04pm (10 years ago)

well...this is beautyfull,very good skin!

Sun, Sep 2nd at 12:06pm (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

thx everyone, I just updated it because there was a bug in the quicklaunch

personal preference I guess since the radiobuttons and checkboxes are my personal favorite and wholly fuck that mouseover text was still orange from wobachi....tho I guess I leave it for now :)

I once read that if an artwork is changed to more then 70% or to a point where the original author can't recognize it anymore it doesn't count as a modification anymore, tho I still felt like crediting ;)

Sun, Sep 2nd at 01:10pm (10 years ago)
G2K says:

Finally ... I was waiting for this ... I hope my wallpaper will fit (Gaia-Apoca - green version)

Sun, Sep 2nd at 01:24pm (10 years ago)
motorist says:

Sorry just noticed that I wasn't logged as motorist</b< (Gaia-Apoca) ... Sorry again

Sun, Sep 2nd at 01:26pm (10 years ago)
plain-doh says:

Great job on the vs! It's very smooth and interesting.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 01:46pm (10 years ago)

Loved by default. You can't seem to get it wrong ; )

Sun, Sep 2nd at 02:10pm (10 years ago)
Damzk says:

Super smooth!

Great to have you back.

Sun, Sep 2nd at 05:48pm (10 years ago)
wHlTE says:

very NICE =+)

Mon, Sep 3rd at 01:32am (10 years ago)
aakio says:

Great visual style Mad, i really like the caption buttons!

Mon, Sep 3rd at 02:11am (10 years ago)
jzatt says:

OMG! This is really awesome. I've been looking for a green theme since I'm to lazy to complete my own :) Thanks alot!

Mon, Sep 3rd at 05:07am (10 years ago)
Quanoo says:

You the MAD MAN!

Mon, Sep 3rd at 07:21am (10 years ago)
Quanoo says:

Btw, this goes so well with

Mon, Sep 3rd at 07:29am (10 years ago)

great stuff, mad.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 11:42am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Looks great. But man. This is a lot harder to transfer to ShellWM.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 04:13pm (10 years ago)

I've been waiting for this.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 10:07pm (10 years ago)

Great theme!

Tue, Sep 4th at 12:18pm (10 years ago)

very well done VS man, mad props indeed.

Wed, Sep 5th at 01:48am (10 years ago)

Awesome stuff. I'm really loving you're latest styles.

Wed, Sep 5th at 08:40pm (10 years ago)

Yeah...Go green, go! It gives colours to our cheeks...

Thu, Sep 6th at 05:26am (10 years ago)
scooby says:

good job bro!

Fri, Sep 7th at 01:22am (10 years ago)
Kapoios says:

pretty much my favourite green style...

Fri, Sep 7th at 05:44am (10 years ago)
soundgear says:

damn... its so beautiful !!

Fri, Dec 28th at 02:41am (10 years ago)
Mocinno says:

how do you use this?

Sun, Oct 5th at 02:50am (9 years ago)

Thank you looks very Good

Sun, Dec 14th at 02:13pm (9 years ago)

wow, love it. goes really well with TaskSwitch XP (when set to start menu theme)

It would be fantastic if u cud add more colour schemes

Mon, Jun 1st at 04:29am (8 years ago)
mehdi says:


Mon, Dec 21st at 10:36am (8 years ago)

this is awesome!
I would like to know how you made this!

Mon, Jan 4th at 12:25pm (8 years ago)

were's the .theme file?

Thu, Jul 28th at 12:19pm (6 years ago)
phmak1478 says:

How to instal the theme?

Fri, Dec 16th at 07:26am (6 years ago)

And about the icons ?

Tue, Dec 22nd at 06:51am (2 years ago)

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