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Artist's Note

I guess like, the fonts were messed up in the other one. Size 6 italic tahoma sucks.
Permission granted by Hermik, the style is based on his define5 Winamp skin. The first description was better.

Comments (16)


Nice, but I'd like to see it looking more like hermik's define5 ShellWM skin.

Fri, Jul 25th at 02:11pm (14 years ago)
klassik says:

asad:and you copied someone else who used that font before you. Get a life dude. Bitter is not the way to go.

Fri, Jul 25th at 03:43am (14 years ago)
LTD says:

if this thing had an ass . . . . . .

UPDATE::::: littleginzo over at Hardwaregeeks.com is working on a define4 msstyle :-) Looks good so far. Definitely worth a look. Hehe, pretty soon we'll have whole define series skin and VS collections . . . :-) CONGRATS ON FEATURED!!!! VERY DESERVING :-) UPDATE:: asad . . . HIGHlY INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR. I'm shocked to hear this coming from you. God . . . . I need a drink now . . .

Fri, Jul 25th at 07:50am (14 years ago)
matzo says:

looks awesome, i'll try it out soon

Fri, Jul 25th at 10:10am (14 years ago)
qoa says:

asad: That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. It's not kroeger it's 'nu' next time download it and check before you call me a dumbass, go flame bait elsewhere kthxbye.

Fri, Jul 25th at 01:08pm (14 years ago)
PK says:

Looking gooooood qoa!

Fri, Jul 25th at 01:47pm (14 years ago)
SMIG says:

i like. i like.

Fri, Jul 25th at 03:25pm (14 years ago)
asad says:

and hermik your shit is just too simple i guess how about gearman you sould see the comment he threw on my last subbmission. there is a limit to jelousy and he serpassed it. since the biggening i was always for his nasty Jizz but i couldnt tolerate his shit on my work the costic coments and the rating he would always throw on my shit. hermik you just a son of a bitch, who doesnt seem to get it through his bloody mind.

Fri, Jul 25th at 06:57pm (14 years ago)
c h c says:

whoa, watch out

Fri, Jul 25th at 07:45pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

i like simple things, and hermik's works. so i'm all for this one. it's great

Fri, Jul 25th at 09:17pm (14 years ago)
Gearman says:

asad: In my experience, minimalism is one of the hardest styles to master. It's easy to throw a thousand pictures, set to overlay, and add text. Saying more with less is a goal of the graphic artist. Once you've left high school and start to get involved with higher level art classes and art students you'll find that 'less is more' is a much more common feature in artwork. As simple as his (and converseley this skin) work is, I would find it very hard to pull off what hermik does. Keep it clean, keep it simple, and keep it functional. Learn from it instead of bitching about it. It'll make you a better artist.

UPDATE: Great skin, very simple, very functional. I just find the unmarked boxes in the upper right a little empty (a lot of people know what they do, but they still seem rather empty nonetheless). Some great work.

Fri, Jul 25th at 11:41pm (14 years ago)
MuZI says:

I believe he is currently taking art classes in college. I dunno i only live very very close to him, you should know more i guess.

Fri, Jul 25th at 11:49pm (14 years ago)
hermik says:

I never really commented on it to you I'll do it here: It's very nice indeed, but there's still some thing that might be tweaked ;) I would lose the white window back and make it the same color, plus the upper right buttons are (as gearman said) too simple: I personally would do them as large as on my amp, but I think many people wouldn't like them that small. Anyway, I'm happy you did all the work to create this theme!

Sat, Jul 26th at 12:24am (14 years ago)

very nice work, i have a a few minor complaints though. I dont know if its just on my screen but the start menu is slightly cut off on the left side. btw, more color choices would make this an even better theme.

Sat, Jul 26th at 04:21am (14 years ago)

great color, very smooth. only gripe is the start button is cut off on the bottom as bluntedsmurf said. btw hermik i would definetely like the buttons as large as the ones on your amp

Sat, Jul 26th at 02:30pm (14 years ago)

I love this vs, instant classic! AND: well asad, at least hermik isn't a ripper.

how about you?

car look familiar?

Don't bother looking for the wall where you stated "car by me" - I've already deleted it, along with the others that were rips. I have a very strong suspicion that more of your walls contain material not produced by you as well. I'll leave it to you to remove them.

I really like how you put your copyright on that auto modellista rip. Funny.

Ripping is just not tolerated at custo, I tried mail you a bit back but the address was bad. This little flare up reminded me.

And man, learn to puncuate, at least a little.

Sun, Jul 27th at 01:01am (14 years ago)

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Created by qoa
on July 25th, 2003


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