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WindowBlinds Themes / The Alienware AlienMorph™ Desktop GUI Kit

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Artist's Note

Please Read: The skins in this Skin Suite are part of a single installer. The installer itself is 40 MB. This originally was designed for pre-installation on all Alienware PCs but they were gracious enough to offer to all users for free. Please keep that in mind. We realize it will take some time for those users who are on dial-up. Please be patient. Thanks.

You need only download the installer once to receive all the skins and icons for both AlienMorph™ and ALXMorph™

Note: The WindowBlinds skin shown is the UIS 2 version of the skin. By default the slimmer UIS 1 version is installed. To switch over to the more “glamorous” UIS 2 version simply right-click on your desktop and click Properties. Then click the Appearance tab on top. You will see in Sub-Design a drop down button. This is where you can access and apply the UIS 2 version. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.

DOWNLOAD (entire suite) HERE:

Comments (36)


well damn that is nice. makes wb look like a reasonably worthy application.

Tue, Sep 7th at 03:54pm (13 years ago)

stunning work
pity is wasnt a msstyle, someone get on the job of porting this if there allowed.

Fri, Aug 27th at 10:04am (13 years ago)


This mirror was graciously donated by Russ of Angry-Fly. Thanks again Russ.

Fri, Aug 27th at 10:06am (13 years ago)
Moskow says:

This suite is really great, I like more minimal stuff and I don't use WB (and rarelly WMP) but I have to agree this is simply superb, Wizard I don't think porting will be alowed, at least I remember that when someone asked about a port of the WMP skin they said no.

Fri, Aug 27th at 10:18am (13 years ago)
1nfinite says:

I definatly love the icons, and the windows media player skins... but im not sure im too crazy about the windows theme :| Overall, excellent job.

Fri, Aug 27th at 12:44pm (13 years ago)
gaunt says:

looks so slick, but the original URL doesn't work, and the mirror is so slow, that it terminates in the middle of the download process. Anyone has another mirror, hence I'd like to install this right away! :)

Update: It helped, with a downloadmanager and the mirror URL. Still keeps the rating at 100 - it's sooo slick.

Fri, Aug 27th at 03:25pm (13 years ago)
Helghast says:

now if this came w. a wimpamp skin it would be sweet! and -10pts for the installer..

It's so professional, I love it

Fri, Aug 27th at 08:32pm (13 years ago)

whoa, this looks so good i think it'll be worth the 40 Mb download... now to make DAP work... congratulation to the guys of the Skins Factory, this is such a good work.

Fri, Aug 27th at 09:54pm (13 years ago)
Shad0w says:

Ya the suite is amazing, but WMP is just taking up to much CPU resources to be any usful to skin, than and the skin in self is still too big (file size wise). The art on the other hand is what Skin Factory still rocks on. I would like to see them or at least allow someone else to make a winamp skin and many others as this theme has some very impressive edges to it.

Fri, Aug 27th at 10:22pm (13 years ago)
evobit says:

If you're gonna post this as well as the icon suite, at least make the icons a different download. As is, it's a cross post.

Fri, Aug 27th at 11:42pm (13 years ago)

Can someone please expalin how I get this to work. I've installed it yet yet it doesn't seem to wanna work when I apply it.

Sat, Aug 28th at 02:34pm (13 years ago)
Newave says:

I love this kit. You are one of my favorite skinners

Mon, Aug 30th at 04:54am (13 years ago)

: o Nicely done.

Tue, Sep 14th at 03:53pm (13 years ago)
chavo says:


Sat, Feb 26th at 10:40am (12 years ago)
SubZRo says:

Looks awesome, just downloading right now...
Was searching a cool black/white skin, looks like i found it :)
Great Work!

Mon, Mar 28th at 02:31pm (12 years ago)
psynapse says:

Ugly. That is some of the most horridly contrasting shit i've ever seen. There's no way in hell i could stand to actually use my pc with this theme on it, save for walking around getting flashblacks in my peripheral vision hours on end.

Fri, Apr 22nd at 09:49am (12 years ago)
Rucell says:

the link is't working

help plzz

Fri, May 13th at 06:02am (12 years ago)

I can't download this at all its really ghetto

Tue, May 17th at 08:25pm (12 years ago)
Lord_Bob says:

not able to download...its pissing me off.

Wed, May 18th at 02:12pm (12 years ago)
tonza says:

The page cannot be displayed....

Thu, May 26th at 06:31am (12 years ago)
murdok19 says:

SHIT it is no able to be downloaded!!! :(

Tue, Jun 7th at 05:26pm (12 years ago)

How the hell do you download this.....

Sun, Aug 14th at 07:54pm (12 years ago)
anjoO says:

lol how gay huh.....u can see but u cant dl XD

Mon, Aug 22nd at 06:16am (12 years ago)
evil.bob says:

does the work with win 2000

Thu, Aug 25th at 07:28pm (12 years ago)
kona says:

screw the system

Thu, Jan 19th at 04:47am (12 years ago)
Ronek says:

That's just cruel...seeing an awesome style without being able to get it...

Thu, Feb 2nd at 05:02am (12 years ago)
Evil.Unit says:

Man that awesome but I can't download it because I'm on a XP home.. is there anyway to download it for my computer?

Sun, Feb 19th at 10:31pm (12 years ago)
lilquiff says:

Can't download , the link is idle !

Heck !

Sun, Apr 2nd at 11:25am (11 years ago)
Mysteri says:

Stop whining and go onto the alienware website to download it.

Mon, Apr 10th at 07:19am (11 years ago)

Really awesome

Sat, Apr 15th at 10:41am (11 years ago)
Dark-Dx says:

It's available to download AND it looks great. I'm downloading it with 56Kbps LOL And it's not 40Mb It's 22MB

Tue, Sep 26th at 10:53am (11 years ago)
nikar007 says:


Sat, Dec 2nd at 06:05pm (11 years ago)

wow totally awesome suite!

Fri, Nov 30th at 04:02am (10 years ago)
BoGGiT67 says:

Where are the download links????

Wed, May 7th at 11:52am (3 years ago)
khacruel says:

Download Link??Where is download link??
I want this theme!!!

Sun, Aug 10th at 10:07pm (3 years ago)
jamakuza says:

Where are the download links????

Sun, Sep 20th at 02:12am (2 years ago)

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