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Artist's Note

my mod of enspia's caro.amp, shown in my C2.SS screenshot. goes great with horoporo's clinical vs.

please report any bugs that are in this. i know there's a bug when stretching the playlist horizontally, but i don't know how to fix it, because i'm not that winamp savy. so just stretch it vertically. :P

also, thanks a lot to enspia for his unexpected permission to release this. :)

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Comments (18)

dnz says:

Looks great, would definitely use this if I used winamp :)

Fri, Nov 17th at 05:09pm (11 years ago)
Bero_ says:

cool release

Fri, Nov 17th at 05:32pm (11 years ago)

Awsome! I love it...

I'm gona use this for a while. ;D

EDIT: Though I miss a working Media Library, it all purple and stuffy, don't know if that a part you left out... but it's bugging me...

Fri, Nov 17th at 06:06pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

thanks for your comments! :) Arazand: i'll look into it. i never use the media library, so i must have overlooked it.

Fri, Nov 17th at 08:45pm (11 years ago)
09wkd says:

The secks. Using now.

Fri, Nov 17th at 08:57pm (11 years ago)
2JSC says:

more colours!!!! Many more colours!

Fri, Nov 17th at 10:58pm (11 years ago)

Great looking minimal skin.

Sat, Nov 18th at 11:36am (11 years ago)
kzzu says:

very nice!!

Sat, Nov 18th at 01:11pm (11 years ago)

yeah, would use that too if i had winamp again :)

Sat, Nov 18th at 03:31pm (11 years ago)
network says:

The media library looks all purple and stuff and what about some buttons like "minimize" and "close" (or am I just too blind to find'em?).
Great skin, though.

Sun, Nov 19th at 08:05am (11 years ago)
Hipgnosis says:

1. Minimize and close buttons.
2. Purple library!
3. It seems like my Y'z Shadow in Winamp is not around the window.

Other than that, great skin.

Sun, Mar 25th at 04:47pm (10 years ago)
raoul says:

Lovely minimal skin Relik :) Im using it atm. just a few small things Id change tho. Try and widen the Shuffle/Repeat buttons and the PL buttons, make em a pixel thicker. They kinda stand out being thin. And the C2 button, move it a bit to the right, its kinda out of sync. But again, those are just minor fixes and this is a great minimal skin to go with a lot of themes :)

Wed, May 23rd at 10:09pm (10 years ago)
krissirk says:

wonderful job.

Mon, Jul 9th at 01:30pm (10 years ago)

Nice skin, but... it should be in the Winamp2 cattegory!

Tue, Sep 11th at 09:53am (10 years ago)

wow clean, slick and love it :)

Sun, Jan 6th at 11:17pm (10 years ago)
borline says:

Skin is great. I'm using it at the moment.

One complaint(?) is that I believe the shuffle and repeat buttons are flip-flopped. I push S on my keyboard and the (what looks like) repeat button toggles.

Great work, though!

Sat, Mar 29th at 02:27pm (9 years ago)
Kahuna says:

I love this, brilliant to play wow with as it doesnt distract. Where the hell is the volume control though?

Thu, Jun 30th at 07:21pm (6 years ago)

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Created by relik
on November 17th, 2006


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