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summer sunset on the ocean at the harbor boardwalk in downtown san diego. i love that city.

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nice nice nice

Sun, Mar 12th at 04:02pm (11 years ago)
evobit says:

I like this. Using now.

Sat, Mar 11th at 07:35pm (11 years ago)

i dont see any mermaids... why no mermaids?!! besides that, its great. nice work, love the surreal feel to it.

Sat, Mar 11th at 08:16pm (11 years ago)
sbbath says:

reminds me of de_port from CS Source -- very nice ether

Sat, Mar 11th at 10:34pm (11 years ago)
Estuardo says:

Awesome, i love this

Sun, Mar 12th at 12:18am (11 years ago)
Mugsy says:


Sun, Mar 12th at 08:25am (11 years ago)

A beautiful photo and what you've done to it is fantastic.

Sun, Mar 12th at 10:24am (11 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

Def some nice editing here, it's look Source-ish.

Sun, Mar 12th at 10:46am (11 years ago)
ether says:

the mermaids were in mexico...at some bar. ;) ...thanks to everyone for the comments! edit to gruneeitelkeit: i take these pics too. never without my camera. :)

Sun, Mar 12th at 11:36am (11 years ago)
mayluna says:

indeed a beautifull picture !!

Sun, Mar 12th at 01:09pm (11 years ago)

Just curious? Do you just photomanip these or do you take them too? Just wasn't sure cause each of your photos are in a different place in the world =O) Damn, you travel alot them. Nevertheless kudos to your great photographic merit.

Sun, Mar 12th at 01:16pm (11 years ago)
akka says:

:] lovely, as always.

Sun, Mar 12th at 01:35pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

ether, you liar, there are no mermaids here in Mexico :( ... thanx for this and the other beautiful photos.

Sun, Mar 12th at 04:37pm (11 years ago)

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Created by ether
on March 11th, 2006


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