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Artist's Note

This is my first wallpaper. Created with Blender(free) and Gimp(free).

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that final touch of color seems weirdly out of place... almost redundant... nice work overall tho

Thu, Dec 13th at 11:03pm (16 years ago)
XtaCide says:

VERY impressive for ur first wallpaper, i like this..

Thu, Dec 13th at 05:06pm (16 years ago)
gray_fox says:

yes very nice

Thu, Dec 13th at 05:18pm (16 years ago)

I think the orange blurb adds a liitle warmth to what would be a very cool (color wise) peice. You did a good job.

Fri, Dec 14th at 08:37am (16 years ago)
dieter67 says:

very good for your first time...better than a lot of the -well, uh, shit that others do. Good Job! psf

Sat, Dec 15th at 11:17pm (16 years ago)
Envio5 says:

looks good.

Mon, Jan 28th at 10:22pm (16 years ago)
]2ice]3ar says:

for ur first wallpaper this is awesome !!
good job

Sat, Mar 9th at 10:45am (15 years ago)

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Created by Pudicio
on December 13th, 2001


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