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Name: thug ashes  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 3 years
Member since: November 6th, 2011
Last update: 4 years ago
Occupation: Com.Tech.Support
Birthday: August 31st, 1990 (27 years old)
Location: Baguio
Home country: Philippines
Current Projects:

System: Windows 8 Pro x64
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Windows XP
Ubunto 11.10 x32
Software / Tools: Trillian Astra Pro .. LL
Media Player: Virtual DJ 7, Zune, Winamp Pro, Aimp 3, iTunes

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Bored by thugz_N_ashes
Skin name is Onimo 4, Elementary, Elegance 2. Wall is from wallbase.net
Posted 5 years ago.
Amupaytuan by thugz_N_ashes
Sure.. I just added the ingredients together with the links. Just click on them. Cheers.
Posted 5 years ago.
...... by thugz_N_ashes
Aw sorry for not responding sooner.. I was a little bit busy and I just reformatted my PC.. For the calendar at the top.. link is .
Posted 5 years ago.
CocaDesk by thugz_N_ashes
Just type those things on google... it'll show up... :)
Posted 5 years ago.
lets dance by jack sparrow
Uhh... never mind.. I found it.. L::)
Posted 5 years ago.

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