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Artist's Note

I just added the wall .. though it aint mine... I dont know who made it. I just got it from wallbase.net..

here's the rocketdock icons...

Screenshot Ingredients

  • Elegance2 by [email protected] - Elegance2
  • Elegance1 by [email protected] - Elegance
  • Custom by Sertion
  • ABP by P2C | toastbrotpascal
  • Enigma by Kaelri
  • Gaia10 - mail notifier by rebek
  • Gaia10/ notes by rebek
  • Facebook for Rainmeter 2.1.1 by bblake
  • Rocketdock - Icons by Me
  • Omnimo 4 Arrow
  • Crystal Ball - Im just kiddin'.. the ball is with the wallpaper..hahaha

Comments (14)


looks great ^_^ could you post your ingredients?
also on a side note, on 2 of your fb updates the names aren't covered in the actual update. eg "#name# was tagged in #name#'s photo".
nice work :)

Sun, Dec 11th at 07:40am (6 years ago)


Sun, Dec 11th at 09:21am (6 years ago)
Toonaero says:


Sun, Dec 11th at 02:27pm (6 years ago)

I just updated the ingredients...
Thanks CreatTiveS4S and kriogen777.
@ kriogen777 : aw.. hahaha i just noticed that FB feed right now...

Mon, Dec 12th at 02:09am (6 years ago)
NeoMcFly says:

Love the wallpaper :)
Could u give me the link?

Mon, Dec 12th at 03:24pm (6 years ago)

love your rocketdock!! would you mind upload it for us? :s i really want to use it. thanks.

Tue, Dec 13th at 06:16pm (6 years ago)
wilsoa10 says:

how do i download this? sorry if this sounds incredibly noobish, but i cant figure out how

Wed, Dec 14th at 02:08am (6 years ago)

Here's the link to the Rocketdock icons... :)

Wed, Dec 14th at 11:55am (6 years ago)
SonnySays says:

Which Rockdock skin do you use here?

Also, I installed Rainmeter today because of this. Looks amazing. Thanks!

Wed, Dec 14th at 03:15pm (6 years ago)

how does your rocketdock pop up like that? ive had it for years and its never done that

Sun, Dec 18th at 09:47pm (6 years ago)


Mon, Dec 19th at 09:26am (6 years ago)

@shinnybinny: Its a rocketdock addon called "Stack docklet"...

Tue, Dec 20th at 01:47am (6 years ago)
yusufbk says:

ahahah Crystal Ball - :D lol

Sat, Dec 24th at 04:19am (6 years ago)

how do i download this? i absolutely love it

Sat, May 4th at 08:19pm (4 years ago)

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