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Artist's Note

Riiight. So. First Rainmeter skin. I hate to be that guy, but my friend convinced me to upload, Soooo Here I am. Uploading.
Right! Credits.
Majority of the skin is Ironman+S.H.E.I.L.D. OS by yash1331, which, i understand, is a compilation of other skins aswell.
Notes are from Duckpower,
The google is (obviously) from Illustro
Trash& Digital clock #2 (The one next to the notes) is Bluevision
Map is something called StormQuake
I was unable to find what i used for the Calender, unfortunately :/ I never expected to upload this, so I haven't been tracking my links. That being said, It's saved under the name "BGlass"
Drives from the left of the google search are from Vision13.
"Chronophage" from Techno-Logic
Lastly, the "Quit" button next to the shutdown... dock is something my friend whipped up and I customized. If I had the scripting skill, I would've added it on, but it is as it is. It quits rainmeter. xD
Anything not directly mentioned was aquired from Yash's Ironman compilation.

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Tue, Sep 17th at 12:08pm (4 years ago)
furkyy33 says:

nerden indircez oç

Sun, May 3rd at 08:59am (2 years ago)
Biscuiitz says:

How do i download this one mate...

Mon, Jan 4th at 03:57pm (1 year ago)

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Created by zorletos
on August 17th, 2013

104467 This work is a modification of Ironman+S.H.E.I.L.D. OS Desktop [Rainmeter] by yash1331.


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