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Artist's Note

I haven't submitted anything in a while so here's something...

Nothing fancy, just really liked RiianF's and Imrik's Website and decided to do a windows setup based on it. I used litestep for the top and bottom bars, but not the clock, which is rainmeter (curse you Litestep and your font rendering!!)

VS is GAIA mini by JG.
Most everything else is from scratch (although not without inspiration ;))

Comments (7)

cagwait says:

Nice clean setup, what font are you using for the mangoes txt and menu? looks good

Fri, Feb 13th at 03:11am (8 years ago)
ApriPoko says:

Very nice and smooth as ever! Nice to see a shot of this level back on customize.

Fri, Feb 13th at 06:08am (8 years ago)
Seiger says:

can you tell me the name of the CADskin?

Fri, Feb 13th at 07:38am (8 years ago)
kowoolo says:

gotta love that bar on the top!

Fri, Feb 13th at 08:09am (8 years ago)
othum says:

reall ynice screenshot...


Fri, Feb 13th at 02:12pm (8 years ago)

thanks for the feedback =-)

cagwait - the font is PF Ronda Seven (I think). It comes with the

seiger - the CAD is my own creation. I'll PM you a link after I get it online =)

Fri, Feb 13th at 03:50pm (8 years ago)
wooko says:

i love it. only thing that bugs me (just personal opinion) is the font. i think the one that you used under the bar at the top would fit perfect!

Sat, Feb 14th at 11:54am (8 years ago)

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Created by mangosango
on February 13th, 2009

60547 This work is a modification of Sublevel.us Desk by RiianF.


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