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Artist's Note

Here's my shot at the groove

VS//Aesthetic Groove by None other than Heylove
LS//My Interpertaion of the Groove
WP//Mine with a quick patern and a star.
WA//Aesthetic Groove - Heylove

Damn, I bever thought I would fall hostage to 4impressions' orgasmic themes. Then again, I don't think very much.



Oh and by the way... Thats not really Miranda... I don't use it much and just copy + pasted a convo into wordpad. Sorry guys.

Sun, May 7th at 03:01pm (11 years ago)
curre says:

your ls menu hightlight is off-centered

Sun, May 7th at 04:30pm (11 years ago)

your ls taskbar needs to have the edges played with, look at the corners of the bars of your VS, compare that with the taskbar, the easiest thing would be to take a screenshot of the vs's taskbar :p

Sun, May 7th at 06:26pm (11 years ago)

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Created by Spawndemon
on May 7th, 2006


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