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i got my studio display this week, so it was also time for a theme-change – beos theme and beos icons and quicksilver audion skin. i love those grafic icons much more than those photo-realistic ones, imho, the beos gui is one of the best around there. i just need more icons to match the beos experience, for example for those adobe and macromedia apps, if anybody out there has a clue where i could get some more matching icons, pleaaase tell me :-)

Comments (8)

Grusic says:

Hey! I can see myself on your desktop ;)

Wed, Nov 20th at 08:42am (15 years ago)

looks clean. nice

Wed, Nov 20th at 09:15am (15 years ago)
Travelian says:

Man i miss BeOS...unfortuate that they couldn't compete with Microsoft, Apple, and the Linux movement. I personally felt Be had the best thing going.

Wed, Nov 20th at 12:37pm (15 years ago)
f00l says:

Travelian: its still alive...

Wed, Nov 20th at 02:09pm (15 years ago)
Mauke Pe says:

I agree with Wynton

Wed, Nov 20th at 05:26pm (15 years ago)
Knuff says:

Um, wallpaper?

Wed, Nov 20th at 05:36pm (15 years ago)
Gearman says:

It's clean, and effective. No wallpaper included but Im not going to kill you for that :) Icons look great, and everything matches. Well done.

Wed, Nov 20th at 10:09pm (15 years ago)

That old BeOS times... unfortunately I haven´t find new BeOS drivers for my new computer.

Thu, Feb 20th at 09:26pm (14 years ago)

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Created by phillie
on November 20th, 2002


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