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Artist's Note

This is a ]2ice-MiX.. Hope you like it and there is a silver one too.. if u want other colors tell me and i might submit it... i would appreaciate it if you comment on it telling me wut i should do? or should i just leave it like that.. have fun

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awesome theme. (deleted other shot because it was just desaturated in photoshop). kinda clutterd but still damn cool.

Tue, May 7th at 03:35am (15 years ago)

Werd two different litestep themes turtle soup and this one (unreleased i think) mashed together and throw in some hoverdesk at the same time it sure is busy.I would leave out the hoverdesk and put the top part of turtlesoup in there. or copy the whole of nanoshock's layout.

Sun, May 5th at 08:40am (15 years ago)
Dj Power says:

How did you Do That !

Sun, May 5th at 10:56am (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

Very nice, though I agree it is a little to crowded. If it is not too nieve of me, what MP3 player are you using?

Sun, May 5th at 11:40am (15 years ago)

very nice, I agree with burstnibbler

Sun, May 5th at 12:33pm (15 years ago)
]2ice]3ar says:

it's realeased and i use winamp and other stuffs too many

Sun, May 5th at 12:58pm (15 years ago)
Sw1tched says:

That's pretty insane :p

Nice job

Sun, May 5th at 03:56pm (15 years ago)

Sweet desktop =)

Sun, May 5th at 05:54pm (15 years ago)

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Created by ]2ice]3ar
on May 5th, 2002


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