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Artist's Note

I do not take credit for anything else than mashing up the skins into a theme. All credit goes to the original skin creators.

Comments (14)

xtcvv2 says:

The taskbar and dock are Winstep Xtreme, I forgot to mention it in the description.

Mon, Jun 11th at 04:18pm (5 years ago)
canibite says:

mmmm oke

Tue, Jun 12th at 09:50am (5 years ago)
raseur says:

i like it !!! but what's you skin for winstep ?

Sun, Jun 17th at 03:37am (5 years ago)
xtcvv2 says:

@raseur It's called Ultimate Clean :)

Mon, Jun 18th at 08:46am (5 years ago)
Gigan says:

my tech-A has a large white circle on it that is not present in the image above and i cant read the buttons that form the circle im new to this and have no idea what is wrong or what to do.

Tue, Jun 26th at 05:28pm (5 years ago)

To solve the Tech-A "large white circle covering the buttons" problem:
-Open Manage Rainmeter
-Edit the TECH-A .ini file of your choice
-When the notepad file is open, search for
-Change 'Formula=360' to 'Formula=0'
-Load/Refresh your TECH-A

*It should remove the annoying circle. I haven't found any side effects of doing what I mentioned yet. I'm still new to Rainmeter hehe.

Thu, Jun 28th at 11:08pm (5 years ago)
SknightCZ says:

please how i can hide system start? now i have this:

Wed, Jul 4th at 03:51am (5 years ago)
Saw93 says:

guys how do I change the start bar?

Sat, Jul 21st at 08:41am (5 years ago)
Saw93 says:

xtcvv2: you may kindly give me the link to the taskbar Winstep

Sat, Jul 21st at 09:24am (5 years ago)
xtcvv2 says:

To totally change the start bar (taskbar) you need a program like winstep xtreme. To hide the default taskbar rightclick it select "properties" then click "Auto-hide the taskbar" and click apply.

Tue, Jul 24th at 04:39pm (5 years ago)
xtcvv2 says:


Tue, Jul 24th at 04:40pm (5 years ago)

Qual nome da Skin ?

Sun, Oct 14th at 10:14pm (5 years ago)
GodSon says:

What is the name of the wallpaper

Thu, Jun 26th at 05:44pm (3 years ago)

Where is this dock you have in your photo? And how do I use the start menu of your package?

Sat, Jul 19th at 06:07am (3 years ago)

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Created by xtcvv2
on June 11th, 2012


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