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Artist's Note

here the mariorainmeterskins mate for my best friend klik on the big computer en zie wats happens olzo mario-lugie for the apps hoop your like it greeds gerard

Comments (6)

court1488 says:

it doesnt work, atleast i cant get it too. I only get the "start menu" option and i cant get it to move at all

Mon, Jun 11th at 12:06am (5 years ago)
canibite says:

wtf it doesnt work the file is compleet you hef done somting rong i tink i make my skins work for dat i upload it here maby download it vrom divantart is it the same problem please sent me a email i gifjour the file of my oke im sorry for it greeds canibite

Mon, Jun 11th at 09:42am (5 years ago)
court1488 says:

I got it to work! for some reason when i was extracting the files they decided to go to different folders. thanks for your help! and LOVE the skins!

Mon, Jun 11th at 12:27pm (5 years ago)
canibite says:

oke nice to hear hef fun whit it oke you thanks for downloading my skin

Mon, Jun 11th at 02:13pm (5 years ago)

Which program do I have to use to open the theme ?

Sun, Apr 21st at 03:40am (4 years ago)
canibite says:


Mon, May 6th at 02:20pm (4 years ago)

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Created by canibite
on June 8th, 2012


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