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Rainmeter Skins / skin Cong nghe

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looks good :), only question is the blue lines part of the skins? i cant find em if they are.

Thu, Apr 7th at 01:36pm (6 years ago)

dear, the line is in wallpaper, you can use PS to make your wallpaper. thanks

Fri, Apr 8th at 12:52am (6 years ago)

This is absolutely the cleanest and sophisticated look I have come across! would you mind uploading your wallpaper for those of us who cannot afford PhotoShop?

Tue, Apr 26th at 12:02pm (6 years ago)

dude.what brush you used?pls reply.thanks advance:D

Tue, Apr 26th at 01:54pm (6 years ago)

Dear wickettbug : thanks your idea, please download this wallpaper at this link

Wed, Apr 27th at 08:04am (6 years ago)

Dear l2_louie30 : thanks your comment, but i only use pencil and some circle with blur filter for light point. don't use any other effect

Wed, Apr 27th at 08:11am (6 years ago)

thanks men.your good in photoshop.love your works ^-^

Wed, Apr 27th at 12:52pm (6 years ago)

thanks for the upload nguyenhuy289! I will be rockin this desktop for a long time!

Thu, Apr 28th at 02:04pm (6 years ago)

I'm new at this and if I wanted to get rid of jet for say itunes how would I do that?
Cool Theme btw

Sat, Apr 30th at 01:06pm (6 years ago)

what a good idea!

Fri, May 6th at 04:10pm (6 years ago)

oh, bạn cũng là người vn àh?

Fri, May 6th at 08:25pm (6 years ago)

it look good

Sat, May 7th at 10:57pm (6 years ago)

@@ GodOfSummon : yeah, mình là người Việt Nam

Sun, May 8th at 06:20am (6 years ago)
samot86 says:

nguyenhuy289, I'm new with Rainmeter. How do you get the bars under each skin?

Thu, May 12th at 08:47am (6 years ago)
brooksy says:

Nguyenhuy289, are you able to re upload the wall paper at all? i agree with wickettbug, it is a verry clean desktop. i am also curious as to how you got the load bars incorparated

Mon, May 16th at 12:43pm (6 years ago)

Dear Samot86 and Brooksy:

Wallpaper, i have reply abow. Please find it again.
And the bars is load by image that Rainmetter automatic caculated.

Poor English

Thu, May 19th at 11:06am (6 years ago)
Afizz says:

nguyenhuy289, how can i get a white circle on a date??

Mon, May 23rd at 04:27am (6 years ago)
XauzeR says:

i like your wallpaper but it have line, please uploading original and no line in wallpaper. Thank you

Mon, May 23rd at 11:39pm (6 years ago)

how to get a white circle and bar

Wed, May 25th at 11:16am (6 years ago)
thiti1977 says:

I love it.

Sun, May 29th at 03:16am (6 years ago)
noxinigin says:

I like it !!!

Tue, May 31st at 12:54pm (6 years ago)
Nikomo says:

If you want to add bars, you must move folder "common" from ...\Skin Cong nghe\ to ...\Skin Cong nghe\illustro
If you want to install fonts from screenshot, you must install Batman Forever Alternate.
I can't understand, how i can add circle around date.
There are some empty fields in data.ini:

It's very nice theme. Thank you, nguyenhuy289 Sorry for bad English :)

Wed, Jun 22nd at 07:32pm (6 years ago)

looks good

Sat, Jun 25th at 02:26am (6 years ago)
marck527 says:

That is some great shizzle!

Sat, Jun 25th at 08:05am (6 years ago)

@XauzeR : here is original wallpaper

Tue, Jul 12th at 11:54pm (6 years ago)

Thank you nguyenhuy289 very much for this great skin, using it atm and still working on the lines :)

I can't figure out though how you get the bars that display the amounts below like C drive and stuff, would anyone mind explain me how to get that? that would be very helpful tnx.

Sat, Jul 16th at 09:58pm (6 years ago)

To u use a blue bar, move the "Common" folder to "Rainmeter\Skins\illustro".
If u don't have a illustro skin, create a folder "illustro" in the skin folder and move "Common" to the inside.
The "Common" folder only has 2 image files, but that is needed for bars works.

Sun, Aug 21st at 11:15pm (6 years ago)
Rorossi says:

how did u do that ???
i downloaded it thinkin that it will be lyk that but it turned out to be some thin else plz tell.nd alsot give me the link of the wall it's kool

Sat, Aug 27th at 12:33pm (6 years ago)
Rorossi says:

how did u get the bars, nd the circle around the the clock nd the utilities

Sat, Aug 27th at 12:34pm (6 years ago)

Hey pal, if u could just pls upload the wallpaper like yours and then post a link and also 1 question why the speed shows only 00%? the rest is working fine

Wed, Dec 28th at 05:56am (6 years ago)

oh sory sory wrong one it is the system

Thu, Dec 29th at 08:30am (6 years ago)
liuwap008 says:


Mon, Jan 2nd at 09:18pm (6 years ago)

how download this file ??

Tue, Jun 12th at 02:37pm (5 years ago)
Hac813 says:

cant download :/

Mon, Aug 13th at 01:11pm (5 years ago)

you can find the word : "download file" under the image. Thanks

Fri, Dec 14th at 09:19am (5 years ago)

And whether it would give me the wallpaper link

Thu, Jan 31st at 02:29am (5 years ago)

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