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Artist's Note

The newest version of the Slideshow comes with five new transition effects: Push out, Shape, Pixelize, Blinds and Random Bars and some other minor improvements. The skin includes a settings tool, with a browse tool to select easily the images folder (but it also can detect this folder).
Previous versions:
Ver 4

Ver 3.1

Ver 3


tkhquang says:

Hi, I really, really love this skin. But any way to change the skin size? The small version is too small for me, yet the bigger one seems a little too much. I can't find a way to resize the skin :(

Thu, Oct 27th at 12:27pm (1 year ago)
tkhquang says:

And, any way to make it does not display the image file names all the time?

Thu, Oct 27th at 12:37pm (1 year ago)
balala says:

Sorry tkhquang I didn't read your post until now, as customize.org is no more recommended by Rainmeter.net:
About the possibility to hide the name of the image: the newest version of the skin (Slideshow 5) has this setting. You can download this skin, here:
Also note that this version uses the ActionTimer plugin, which makes it much better.
Resizing the skin is not impossible, but neither easy isn't. If you're still interested, please let me know and I'll try to help you.

Thu, Dec 22nd at 10:27am (1 year ago)

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Created by balala
on December 1st, 2015


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