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Rainmeter Skins / Microsphere 2

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Artist's Note

Credit to various Artists
Here is the Rainmeterskin
I hope its all correct,please use not Edge
only the Layout Microsphere

Comments (21)

Zufi says:

This is amazing!
thank you

Sun, Jan 5th at 06:12pm (4 years ago)
AlecGz says:

Link Download wallpaper please.

Mon, Jan 6th at 10:25pm (4 years ago)
ResoBrain says:

Look at Glitchmachines or google Microsphere
Wall is modded by resobrain.

Tue, Jan 7th at 07:03am (4 years ago)
ResoBrain says:

Wow im very happy
over 1700 downs in 4 Days !!

Thu, Jan 9th at 10:51am (4 years ago)

wow! amazing thank you your work

Thu, Jan 9th at 11:52pm (4 years ago)

How do I get this working? The download doesn't seem to include the required skins...

Wed, Jan 15th at 07:56am (4 years ago)
Excalexec says:

my friend how to I get the same start bar as you? i can't find that theme anywhere.

Fri, Jan 17th at 09:15pm (4 years ago)
ResoBrain says:

Hi,it is a windowlinds theme called Sirus.

Sat, Jan 18th at 08:53am (4 years ago)

this looks really awsome but i cant download it for some reason...

Sun, Jan 19th at 10:20pm (4 years ago)
henrik008 says:


Wed, Jan 22nd at 11:13am (4 years ago)

No matter what I do I can't make it look anything like the screenshot. Loading the layout only loads a couple small things but not even half of the stuff in the screenshot. Help?

Sat, Feb 1st at 03:09pm (3 years ago)
boget8181 says:


Wed, Feb 5th at 09:11am (3 years ago)
AST says:

This skin isn't what the screenshot displays it to be,
all the skins are in the folder Edge and they have nothing to with the layout Microsphere and the wallpaper isn't included. What a rip!

Sat, Feb 8th at 06:10pm (3 years ago)
PepeLycan says:


Wed, Feb 12th at 10:51pm (3 years ago)
bigchief says:

I don't care for any icons on my screen and don't really like the hard drive images but the main three meters of this layout are Tech-A, Edge, and Trans-Intelligence_HUD along with the Microsphere wallpaper. I think this is brilliant, though.

Thanks, ResoBrain.

Fri, Mar 28th at 06:40pm (3 years ago)
jayhacker says:

beauty desktop

Sat, Mar 29th at 08:08pm (3 years ago)

hic, how to do that? pls help me, when i isntall this rmskin file, no thing happen. My desktop isn't like this picture :(((

Wed, Apr 23rd at 06:07am (3 years ago)
Kolmation says:

Amazing !
Your skins are every fabulous, ResoBrain.

Thu, Apr 24th at 03:58am (3 years ago)
Atrax says:

I just DL-ed this and it looks nothing like this (and I'm not talking about the screenshot). Kinda lame to post a screen ofr the download that looks nothing like the thing you're downloading.

Wed, May 28th at 06:13am (3 years ago)
Atrax says:

*"I'm not talking about background"* -not screenshot, I messed that up.

Wed, May 28th at 06:40am (3 years ago)
bigchief says:

@ Atrax: I informed you what the main three meters of the layout are in my above comment. If you enter "Microsphere" in google, the wallpaper image is one of the first images to appear in the search. Resobrain must have made a little mistake in packaging the skin so just go get the three skins and wallpaper and put it together. Can be done in the time it took for you to post both comments.

Wed, May 28th at 09:24am (3 years ago)

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Created by ResoBrain
on January 5th, 2014


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