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Artist's Note

(Last update: 2016-08-25)
If you download this file, please leave a message to tell me:
Is working properly on non-winxp system? e.g. os:win xp work normal.
Thanks you!!

2016-08-25 Add a control item on main-menu.
2016-07-27 Fixed lua53.dll issue.
2013-06-26 Add Analog Clock, Add toggle voice on/off (2016-08-25 modified: Hotkey "Win + Alt + V"), Fixed some errors.
2012-12-11 Fixed - no speak "A.M.", if the time is "00:00 a.m."
2012-12-06 Re-encoding, in order to support non-Windows systems; Added Spanish.
2012-12-03 Initialized under WinXP; Support Chinese & American.

This is a Voice Chime. It will reported time, at each 30 minutes.

Use way:
unzip voicechime.zip file >> copy "_chime.lua" file and "chimedll" folder
into Rainlendar's scripts folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Rainlendar2\scripts\) >> refresh Rainlendar.

The VoiceClock.r2skin file is optional for install.
It will reported time, when every time you press the "Speak Now" button.

Comments (6)

prain says:

Voice Chime works great on Windows 8 Pro but it would be nice to view the time in 12 hour am/pm.

Sat, Dec 8th at 01:13pm (5 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Hi, prain.
Thanks you for like it. I have changed something, you can re-download it.
About show 12 hour am/pm, you can switch from Setting. (look another screenshot)

Tue, Dec 11th at 02:19am (5 years ago)
cus08 says:

Good! In windowsXP and win7 32-bit Ultimate edition trial, the results are satisfactory!

Sat, Jun 8th at 03:44am (4 years ago)
prain says:

I installed the Voice Chime update but the voice is not working there is a box with red x over the toggle voice on/off button but it does nothing when I press it or when I press the speak now button. My speakers are on and I have sound in all other programs. I removed and re-added and restarted my system but still no sound. Previous voice chime worked great on windows 8 pro but I wanted a 12 hour clock.

Sun, Aug 25th at 10:07pm (4 years ago)
prain says:

Never mind I had copied the lua into the wrong folder, it is now working on windows 8.

Mon, Aug 26th at 01:09pm (4 years ago)
jhg5702 says:

Don't know why? But seems to be the multitask of win8 causing that loss of focus.
I have try to force it re-focus, but not sure whether has to fix this problem.
Please re-download and try, then tell me whether it working.

Mon, Aug 26th at 01:12pm (4 years ago)

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Created by jhg5702
on December 2nd, 2012


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