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Artist's Note

An edit of the Statica skin (found here: ), to add a weather window.

Edit: Date now lines up with Month in digital clock.
Edit 2: Uploaded correct file now.

This new edition also has a version of the 10-foot HUD (from here: ), if you like it, great, if not, you can always turn it off in skins>advanced. The same goes with the weather window. There is also a calendar list which can be activated from that menu, but I didn't make that.

As I see use for them, I may add other windows (RSS, moonphase etc.) but here is the skin so far. I may also copy the weather display from the 10 foot HUD, if there is demand for it and/or I have the time.

Also, since I answered one person's message about fonts, to change the ones which can be changed (some are bitmaps, so cannot be changed without editing the images directly), do the following:
Open the skin with 7zip (or some other archive manager - you may need to rename the file from .r2skin to .zip).
You then open the \xml\elements.xml file and change any mention of calibri to the font you choose.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

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Comments (49)


how can I change the location of the weather window?

Tue, Jun 16th at 12:11am (8 years ago)
renata77 says:

Go to msn.com weather and find the RSS feed address for your area by first finding your area on the site and clicking the RSS feed button. The address for your area will be where you are directed. Copy the address then go to Rainlendar options - skins - see the active skins window on the right and double click where it says StaticaEN-Weather and paste your RSS feed address into the skin's weather option. You have to use CTRL V.

Fri, Jun 19th at 03:18am (8 years ago)
Paolo264 says:

Great skin but one problem.

How do I edit the transparency level's? I can barely see the clock at all.

I know how to edit transparency in the application itself, I have it set to 100%, but the clock is still quite difficult to see.

Thanks in advance.

Fri, Jun 26th at 07:22am (8 years ago)
yamato74 says:

i also have a problem with the weather settings. i can't set my localization. i already got the rss feed of my city:

copy and paste, alright. but when i reload the skin the weather comes back to default (manchester, england) :(

Sun, Jun 28th at 01:12pm (8 years ago)
yamato74 says:

i got it! you don't have to reload the skin, just click "ok". sorry for bothering and thanks for the skin.

Sun, Jun 28th at 01:24pm (8 years ago)
dreedone says:

How to change time from "am/pm=12 h" to 24 h format type?

I see this element in digital_clock.xml :

<time x="0" y="0" align="TOP-LEFT" element="hud.font.clock" color="255,255,255,50" format="%I:%M %p"/>
I guess I should change format="" but to what?

Sat, Jul 4th at 12:45pm (8 years ago)
brcu says:

Have just sent you a message but I will post here to see if anyone else agrees with it...

One request if possible can you change the colours on events ? (The triangle shape at the top left)

It would be great if there was white, yellow, orange, red and green to represent birthdays, exams etc.

Keep up the great work.

Wed, Jul 8th at 11:19am (8 years ago)
vlyn says:

RSS would be awesome. I've been waiting forever for a minimalist/transparent skin like this with a native RSS.

Sun, Jul 12th at 02:42pm (8 years ago)

Paolo264 > I had that problem too! Anyway after some experimenting, have found out how to increase the transparency value of the digital clock. :)

filename: StaticaEN_HUD_Edit\xml\digital_clock.xml

Look for this line of code:
<time x="0" y="0" align="TOP-LEFT" element="hud.font.clock" color="255,255,255,50" format="%I:%M %p"/>

What you need to change is the 4th value in the color parameter. Put 0 for total transparency, or a huge number like 255, for more opacity (more visibility). The first 3 values are for the R,G,B color values.

Save the XML and re-zip everything and rename the zip to .r2skin... voila~ You now have a more visible digital clock. :)

Hope this helps.

Tue, Jul 14th at 02:48am (8 years ago)

i am not to computer savy. If you could help me. I would like to install this skin. Could someone please list the steps I need to do this. Thank you very much.
i have Vista Ultimate.

Tue, Jul 21st at 09:35am (8 years ago)

how often does the weather update?

Thu, Jul 23rd at 10:47am (8 years ago)

Is there any way get the weather to update automatically or quicker?

Thu, Jul 23rd at 12:44pm (8 years ago)
Paolo264 says:

neverwinternite > thank you so much for you help. I got it working now...

Fri, Jul 24th at 07:34am (8 years ago)
vampykali says:

I love this skin, but I have one big irk about it.. I want to be able to widen the to do and events list. Is there a fix for this?

Thu, Aug 13th at 10:47am (8 years ago)
conqueso says:

hey i really like this skin and i downloaded it but there was one thing i think that its missing and that is a bullet point for each thing in the to do list...idk if its just me but i think it would be nice to have one...would you mind possibly adding one?

Sat, Aug 29th at 05:29am (8 years ago)

Does anybody know how to change the transparency of the whole skin? I mean, not only the clock's. I searched throughout the xml files but I really am not that able in editing that...

Sat, Aug 29th at 10:13am (8 years ago)
codec_abc says:

for those who want to change the clock time (24 hours clock) this is what you need to do :- in the elements.xml instead of those originals values put thoses :
<font id="hud.font.clock" facename="Calibri" size="68" uppercase="1"/>
<font id="hud.font.date" facename="Calibri" size="48" uppercase="1"/>
<font id="hud.font.month" facename="Calibri" size="18" uppercase="1"/>
<font id="hud.font.day" facename="Calibri" size="18" uppercase="1"/>

and in the digital_clock.xml write this instead of the original values :
<window id="Digital Clock" w="210" default="1">

<time x="0" y="0" align="TOP-LEFT" element="hud.font.clock" color="255,255,255,150" format="%H:%M"/>
<time x="5" y="72" align="TOP-LEFT" element="hud.font.date" color="255,255,255,150" format="%d" />
<time x="200" y="88" align="TOP-RIGHT" element="hud.font.month" color="255,255,255,150" format="%B"/>
<time x="200" y="110" align="TOP-RIGHT" element="hud.font.day" color="255,255,255,150" format="%A"/>


Tue, Sep 1st at 06:09pm (8 years ago)
dreedone says:

thank you codec_abc, was wainting for this a while now ;)

Wed, Sep 2nd at 01:39pm (8 years ago)
dixcub says:

nice skin, but in russian locale names of "events" and "to do" containers are cut, without first letter. how to align the name of container?

Sat, Sep 12th at 06:23am (8 years ago)
Bolt says:

I love the skin, but ow do I edit the transparency level's? I canĀ“t see the xml files....
Thanks in advance.

Thu, Sep 17th at 08:47am (8 years ago)
likoet says:

how can i change color?

Mon, Sep 21st at 07:58am (8 years ago)

Great skin!

How do I change Fahrenheit to Celsius degress?

Sun, Sep 27th at 06:31pm (8 years ago)

hi, great skin. thanks!

i've been messing around with rainmeter skins a bit changing colours and others things. just wondering if it's possible to change colours in this?


Sun, Oct 11th at 05:39pm (8 years ago)

my weather stop working...i added to the active skin but i doesnt show on my desk top? help please

Wed, Oct 14th at 11:26pm (8 years ago)
ferfactor says:

The best that i never saw :D
Congrats man!!!

Fri, Oct 23rd at 01:42am (8 years ago)

@BlondieGirl and any others, who wonders about how to get Fahrenheit changed to Celsius:

Your localized Link from msnweather should look like this

Now, all you have to do is to change the last "F" to a "C" so the link now looks like this:


Tue, Oct 27th at 09:18am (8 years ago)
CrateAUS says:

Great skin but my events list looks nothing like it does in the screenshot. The text is all cluttered together, does anyone know how to fix that?

Thu, Oct 29th at 10:04am (8 years ago)

sorry i was wondering where am i suppose to paste the link i dont get that part >_<

Tue, Dec 8th at 08:17pm (8 years ago)

RSS does not show my location on the weather window.. only shows "Weather via MSN weather"..

does someone have a solution for this?

Sat, Feb 6th at 09:36am (8 years ago)
Silencers says:

I have a request. This skin is my favourite of all the ones I have ever found on the net. Can you inverse the colors to grey/black so we can use it on a white/bright background?

Fri, Apr 23rd at 01:47pm (7 years ago)
mykupang says:

iceangel99 :
u need to change the "&" part on the link to "%26"
so yours should be like this:

i've tried using the latest version and it displayed "Taytay"

hv fun ;)=

Wed, Jul 14th at 04:26pm (7 years ago)
lamole234 says:


Mon, Jul 26th at 07:54pm (7 years ago)

is it just me or is there no RSS feed on MSN Weather?

I have been scrubbing the site for an hour. WTH?

im in San Diego, if any one could help me with the rss link.

Wed, Dec 1st at 04:44pm (7 years ago)
dariagh says:

I cannot find the rss code to seville (SPAIN). Anyone can help me? Thanks.

Fri, Dec 3rd at 05:34pm (7 years ago)
kggy says:

I love it, but how do I add a gmail windows for it?

Wed, Jul 20th at 04:16am (6 years ago)
kazozy says:

Guys the rss links you wanted:

Sevilla, Spain (Celsius):

San Diego, California (Fahrenheit):

If anyone from Lisbon needs it, here's the link:
Lisboa, Portugal (Celsius):

Fri, Jul 22nd at 11:26am (6 years ago)
kazozy says:

Sorry but the the links I gave you before were incorrect.
I've tested these bellow, and they're all working:

Lisboa, Portugal (Celsius):
Sevilla, Spain (Celsius):
San Diego, California (Fahrenheit):

Fri, Jul 22nd at 12:47pm (6 years ago)

my weather is this:
pls help me on how to change the weather? thanks!

Sat, Jul 23rd at 10:33am (6 years ago)
arakosta says:

@sleepinsanity :

Fri, Jan 6th at 01:30am (6 years ago)
skyko says:

can somebody help me with weather location??

Wed, Feb 8th at 12:01am (6 years ago)
murg says:

Can someone help me with the weather location for this:

I've spent hours modifying the four digit code in the RSS, trying to find the weather location code for Pittsburgh PA, and the closest I can get is Pittstown (way too far away). Can someone please help? I know the code starts USPA... but the four digits just don't seem to be there. Is there simply no msn rss feed for da 'burgh?

Sat, Mar 3rd at 04:40pm (5 years ago)
murg says:

Nevermind. After trying for hours, I ran across an entry on a rainmeter forum for this link:

It resolved my code issue (I was *this* close). Now I can haz weather too. Love my Statica EN Weather skin and Rainlendar too.

Sun, Mar 4th at 09:37pm (5 years ago)
t0xe says:

Hi! I've been trying to get two clocks with different timezones to show in my desktop.
I was able to copy this clock and make two appear in the desktop but have no idea on how to change the time displayed in one of them.
Is there a way to do it in the .xml file?

Thu, May 31st at 01:19pm (5 years ago)
t0xe says:

Nevermind, found this skin, which is the same, only with several different time zones:

Thu, May 31st at 02:12pm (5 years ago)
Krul says:

I can not find the rss code to weather location: Nijmegen, Netherlands. Anyone can help me? Great skin, thanks!

Mon, Jun 4th at 06:38am (5 years ago)
Krul says:

And how to change time from "am/pm=12 h" to 24 h format type?

Mon, Jun 4th at 07:58am (5 years ago)


Initial letters gone

Tue, May 28th at 02:47pm (4 years ago)
mksn says:

Just if someone stumbles upon the problem with the 'Initial letters gone'

You can fix this on your own:

- opening the r2skin like a zip file
- go to the folder xml
- open the specific file (e.g. todolist.xml)
- modify the parameter x in the fifth line to what ever you want. (x=25 will bring the first letter back)

Repeat with eventlist.xml...

You can also change the width of the whole window, which is nice. ;)

Tue, Sep 30th at 03:32am (3 years ago)
Yani70 says:

The weather does not work already module? The web changed title, there is not rss. My location: Eger, Hungary

Mon, Mar 21st at 03:50pm (1 year ago)

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