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Weather Clock v3.6 released

respectsoft says:

Weather Clock, an advanced replacement for system clock with world time and weather display, calendar and scheduler. Weather Clock will not only display the exact time in any destination in the world, but will keep you informed of weather conditions there in real time.

World clock and weather conditions, customizable alarms, calendars, events and great looks will make the most demanding user happy! For a little more fun, configure Weather Clock to chime hourly with a customizable tune.

Plan your time better, chose your clothing appropriately and organize your travel with a variety of alarms, reminders, world clocks and calendars. The handy calendar allows easy access to any date or event, while the skinned user interface allows a completely fresh look installed in just a moment.

Program Change Info:
Version 3.6 includes
- New reminder feature
- Improved calendar look and feel with alarm icons
- Custom alarm icons can be added to the Icons directory

Download 2 MB: http://www.respectsoft.com/download/WeatherClock36Setup.exe
Screenshot: http://www.respectsoft.com/images/weather/weather_alarm_cloc

More info: http://www.respectsoft.com/weather-clock.php

02:51 am, Thursday, August 07, 2008 (9 years ago)

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