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Modernize Me Please...Classic is too old

abe_charles says:

Hey there. I love Winamp and have been a loyal user for years now. However I want to make my own skins, particularly for modern Winamp versions. I use a program called WinampSC. It's decent but not impressive. It's however the best I have used so far. I have been seeing all you guys uploading to Winamp and the skins you people have are awesome. How do I make my own almost 3D looking skins? I don't want to use Skinnertoo or those old programs and they playlist frame is dull and boring. It would be easy for me if I could make the colors for the frame on the video playback window change and look more modern. Besides the skins I make are very 1 or 2D. Boring!

Can someone direct me to a good new or updated program that I can work with to make my own modern winamp skins.

Please someone please help. No more classic. Step into modern!

I was trying to attach a zipped file with some of the skins I made and you can judge for yourselves. But I am checking out some of yours first and then find a way to send it to you. Thanks, help much.

06:41 pm, Monday, April 28, 2008 (9 years ago)
excess says:

1. 3D skins often look horrible. Simple skins are much better.
Also, how did you manage to make a 1D skin? Wow.

2. Coding Winamp modern skins can be very laborious and takes a lot of work to properly learn the code. Read some tutorials and such (search google).

3. Upload files to somewhere like (my personal favourite).

09:47 pm (9 years ago)
Wilian_souza says:

First of all, you can make the skins with the style you want.

And, have you ever checked out the new classicPro skins? They are a new type of a modern skin that you can skin like the old classics, with the benefits of transparency and without any construction bugs. It´s a good way to enter in the modern skinning era. See how a classicPro skin look like here:

I´m creating a template for classicPro skins with Veroka, another skinner friend of mine, but while it isn´t released you can see how to make a classicPro downloading the manual made by SkinConsortium here:

Hope it would really help you.

05:03 pm (9 years ago)
Veroka says:

Sorry Abe, but good skins are not made with any automatic skin generator program. Good skins are usually made with photoshop (although I've seen some amazing classic skins made with MS Paint, but modern skins need png files), but you can try Gimp or any graphic editor you like.

02:46 pm (9 years ago)
abe_charles says:

Anyone know if the files that are skins for Vista to make it look like Windows 7 on devianart are ultimately show up in english or it is still in a foreign language? Is there a way to get a WMP 12 skin for version 11 without working with DLLs and copying and relocating files and folders? Just a normal, clean and virus free setup?

01:00 am (8 years ago)
SNK says:

Here, I believe, you will find a fine example of a classic Winamp skin:

01:21 pm (7 years ago)
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