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Name: jen  Female
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 months
Member since: August 31st, 2001
Last update: 2 years ago
Occupation: snowtrooper
Location: off-planet
Home country: United States
Current Projects: numerous attempts at salvaging the remnants of my free time.
System: p4 3gighz
1gig ddr
80gb internal hd (master)
120gb internal hd (slave)
120gb external hd
geforce 5 128mb
optic surround sound
17" viewsonic g90f
Software / Tools: canon powershot 870IS. photoshop7. great vegeance & furious anger.
Media Player: shuffleboard on the ipod

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slightly materialistic and thoroughly superficial. always fraternizing with your enemies. can't pvp for beans. i cook tasty rice. yarrr!


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ether has posted 139 times.

179 March
heh! 2nd pyro's. :D
Posted 9 years ago in Featureds.
179 February
fourth on nitzua's
Posted 10 years ago in Featureds.
372 Custo gets a nod from Smashing Magazine
slightly insulted by the devart comparison considering that custo preceeds them. on the other hand, nice collecton of links on that site.
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
372 When is Custo 10 yrs old?
i've been here for 6 of those 10. craziness.
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.
432 Artists & their other creative interests
writing singing in the shower playing graphic adventure games on the pc (though time for this has been severely limited lately)
Posted 10 years ago in Custo Lounge.

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ether has posted 758 reviews.

Bamboo by vkrazy04
i'd appreciate you crediting me as this is my work.
Posted 7 years ago.
on the edge of dimension 13 by mayluna
oh wow.
Posted 10 years ago.
view from my workplace by mayluna
well dammit. my workplace sux0rs in comparison.
Posted 10 years ago.
2008.3 by Hellhound
the gradients kill. ow!
Posted 10 years ago.
Peacockish by tsims533
not too crazy about the color combo but that is a really neat effect. definitely looks like peacock feathers.
Posted 10 years ago.

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widescreen pack 25
6 years ago

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world domination still pending.

Posted 7 years ago

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ether has 21 comments.

neiio says:
Love your work Jen!
Mon 29th Aug, 08:03am
Sinaan says:
Keep up the excellent work,
I love the dream like finish of your stuff :)
Sat 26th Jan, 10:34pm
PuNk NiRvAnA says:
Hi Jen!

I love your style of photography!

Keep it rockin' !
Mon 31st Dec, 03:36am
Dai Arashi says:
Thanks for the friend add ether. I have to say that your widescreen wallpapers are a savior to me! The pictures you get are really amazing though...where you live must be filled with all sorts of amazing architecture and design for you to be getting these...and the effects you use enhance your photos to no end!
Thu 25th Oct, 10:22am
SirWonkus says:
hey man, do you have a flickr account, are we friends? it would be easier for me to keep tabs on you if you did.
i dig your style.
Sun 30th Sep, 11:24pm
j3_concepts says:
Now that you mention it, I never left you one either. Loving the latest photos! How have you been?
Tue 19th Jun, 09:31am
bigbag says:
i love love your photography. keep up the great work! xoxo
Mon 18th Jun, 06:35pm
G2K says:
You're going to dwindle ... from my memory ... and that's bad ... very bad =S
Fri 15th Jun, 02:13pm
mayluna says:
when i think of customizing pictures i see your name walking in my fantasy... great work & thanx for the love
Fri 18th May, 01:57am
archanN says:
yo!!!! im bac k at custo!
Tue 8th May, 09:06am
motorist says:
I hope that you went on photosafari ... really miss your submmitions.
Tue 17th Apr, 03:28pm
Pyro_ says:
Pfft, one of the kewlest chicks.
Sat 7th Apr, 12:59am
sticboy says:
Mon 2nd Apr, 04:34pm
nosphere says:
hi jen, thanks for the add, i really love your photo works.
you have an universal style for being fav, keep it up!
Thu 29th Mar, 02:26am
Nylons says:
So you speak chinese now huh? ;) The anwser to your question is: Yes, I'm good! :D

How's life Jen?
Mon 26th Feb, 04:59pm
Aero says:
Hey you!
Mon 26th Feb, 01:15pm
Aphaits says:
hollaaaaaaaa XD
Mon 26th Feb, 08:45am
akka says:
Mon 26th Feb, 01:33am
R I P says:
sup girl :D
Mon 26th Feb, 01:25am
colossus72 says:
Keep on keepin' on. Revision: We need a clone army of you.
Mon 26th Feb, 01:09am
egolatra says:
she's one of the best
Mon 26th Feb, 12:51am