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Name: cat 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 months
Member since: August 6th, 1998

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APox by DaveDean
i really like the clean and simple design, but the buttons let it down.. fix them and you have a winner (imo anyway ) )
Posted 48 years ago.
bR3Ed by sda
the buttons are a little small, and it's a little jagged, but apart from that, very cool... makes me think of blue dragons.. from my ad&d days ;p
Posted 48 years ago.
cleanskin by wcb4
smooth and simple, a thing of beauty! only problem i have with it is that the buttons are a little large, but aside from that, i dig =^-^=
Posted 48 years ago.
Adminspotting by l0c
hmmm.. touchy
Posted 48 years ago.
Virus by Virus
smooth and clean.. mmmm... delicious
Posted 48 years ago.

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