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Name: Chris Darwin  Male
Status: Icon_offline Offline for 3 weeks
Member since: July 16th, 2002
Last update: 8 years ago
Occupation: Self Employed
Birthday: January 19th, 1976 (42 years old)
Location: FL
Home country: United States
AIM: darwn23
ICQ: 76243299
Current Projects: Vector ART & C# Programming. AND!! VISIONLEAGUE™ projects

"Forgiveness is like the fragrance a flower gives after it's been stepped on."
System: An old beast of a machine is what I call it. Until Next year!! -
Software / Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visual Studio
Media Player: Winamp

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About Max

I'm a practical joker! I rarely drink and I don't smoke but I do know how to have fun. I don't mind being the butt of jokes but be prepared for the onslaught of wise cracks thrown your way.

My friends in real life and some online know the prankster mentality quite well but unless you are inside my circle you will rarely see this side of me. I do enjoy every aspect of art and try to learn everything I can to improve upon my skills. My latest endeavor is vector art so be prepared for some nice submissions from me in the future.

Essentially, I'm a no nonsense type of guy who can be very opinionated. I'm usually reserved until I get to know someone, that does not mean I'm stuck up or anti social but I always want to make sure I associate with the right people. You can learn a lot about others by being observant.

Overall, I am a fair and reasonable individual who frequently steps outside the box to see things from a different perspective. When I'm wrong about something I will man up and admit it, I don't shy away from apologizing. When it comes to friends I'm there 110%, loyalty and trust is big deal to me so when I call someone my friend, I hold them in the highest regard.


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Max's Blog

Another release done.. 1 to go

Sorry for the flood fellow users of custo. The site seemed extremely slow for this release, but I think it was worth the wait for the suite to be uploaded, I hope you all will agree. Thanks again to my awesome team mates Bin, Taabish & Leon.. you guys rock. Thanks also to the users of custo who appreciate the time and effort put forth into this release. Love the comments.. Respect!

Posted 10 years ago

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Max has 30 comments.

kowic says:
great frontpage features max...
Sun 21st Dec, 07:38pm
jg-visuals says:
Hey Max thanks so much for the feature. I really appreciate it.

Sat 20th Dec, 09:33pm
Thomax says:
Why have you deleted so many of your great submissions?
Fri 8th Feb, 06:52am
motorist says:
Sun 6th Jan, 12:55pm
raoul says:
Thanks a bunch for suggesting Ashen to be up there max :P :)
Sun 30th Dec, 08:20pm
john5 says:
Sorry I found your friend request just at the moment!
Fri 5th Oct, 04:03am
fuzzyspoon says:
The vision!

Hope all is well max, loving the subs here :)
Tue 4th Sep, 02:38am
nsthreed says:
thank you : =D
Tue 14th Aug, 12:12am
HOPE04 says:
Originally it was d0ng, but people interpret it as the wrong idea, its a combination of first and last name together. :) however, you know how all these pro graphic designers have cool names? i.e. chapter3? and...aeiko? this is mine. Just sounds cool. :D
Sun 5th Aug, 01:49am
theconcept says:
Fri 29th Jun, 01:21pm
reddit says:
thank you for the add ^^
Sat 2nd Jun, 07:06pm
nosphere says:
hey Max, just sayin' hi, how are you doin' and...
thanks for the add! (a little late...i guess)
Fri 18th May, 03:34am
883design says:
dude, thanks for the add ^^
Mon 14th May, 06:52pm
Hi, Max ^^! Thanks for the add.
Mon 30th Apr, 08:38pm
Pyro_ says:
Heh. It's cool how you have the same avatar in every color.
Fri 27th Apr, 08:17pm
enspia says:
Sat 7th Apr, 08:29pm
drai says:
Hey Max, how you livin? I got lured back by the oh-so-awaited EVO, nice to see some familiar faces still around :-]
Wed 4th Apr, 05:10am
Island Dog says:
Hey Max!
Mon 2nd Apr, 08:33am
MaRZ says:
Not much a gwan fadduh lol, ah wha gwan wid you star? I see you got married, congrats man! Give the wife my condolences :P j/k. Just checking out some desktops, the one I have now got boring. Found nice wallies, but its like everyone here uses a large LCD, damn all these white untiled mods and their size 9 pixel fonts! My eyes aren't what they used to be I guess... I want something that looks pretty but is pratical to use when I'm coding and developing stuff :(
Sun 1st Apr, 02:11pm
Anetalaya says:
I am glad to be back and loving it! ... oh my godness you are a married man now O_O! Congratulations!
! (I am a (almost)married woman as well)
Thu 22nd Mar, 10:28pm
stilist says:
Hey! After a too-long holiday from skinning, I think I’m ready to dive back in. Good to see you guys are still holding it down here.
Thu 15th Mar, 07:07pm
koekoeh says:
hi Max, have u heard about "Steven and Coconut Treez" ??
Wed 14th Mar, 03:41am
Tupi_ says:
add! o/
Sat 10th Mar, 09:08pm
ikonoklast says:
hey max, what's up
Wed 7th Mar, 08:46am
Kul says:
mi compadre carlito!
Whats all of this honeymoon stuff? I never heard bout no honeymoon...you'
re not scared of old stalker kul are you? cause hes gone..he aint never coming back..*zoom**click*
Mon 5th Mar, 07:17am
hermik says:
Hi there! EVO got me back here, but maybe I'll find the time to create something... maybe =)
Sat 3rd Mar, 12:01pm
R I P says:
whats crackalakin!
Fri 2nd Mar, 02:21pm
wraybling says:
congrats on the marriage, hope you enjoyed the honeymoon!
Sat 24th Feb, 10:40pm
liqachu says:
thanks a lot man!
Mon 19th Feb, 08:05am
Nylons says:
Welcome back from the honeymoon my friend :)
Thu 15th Feb, 03:24am