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Name: Chester Ryuzaki Smith  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 6 months
Member since: July 29th, 2012
Last update: 3 years ago
Occupation: Telecomunications/ Digital Interface Hobbiest
Birthday: May 4th, 1990 (27 years old)
Location: Nassau
Home country: Bahamas
Current Projects: Project Black Aventador
System: Windows 7 x64
Software / Tools: Rainmeter Windowsblinds7 Windows Login background changer Yahoo Widgets
Media Player: iTunes (Music) KMPlayer (Movies)

ChetJ5's Favorite Things

Music: Dubstep, Rock, Drum n Bass.
Books & Authors: HAA Say books
Films & Directors: Do later
TV Shows: Do later

About ChetJ5

I love computers. I love cars, I love the sexy woman lol. Most of work you see are old past ones. I normally upload to deviantArt. A friend referred me here. The most recent ones were the Project Mugetsu Reloaded and BRS Mirror and any ones there after


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ChetJ5 has posted 18 reviews.

Project AvenTron by ChetJ5
Wallpaper here
Posted 5 years ago.
Project AvenTron by ChetJ5
Posted 5 years ago.
Project White Aventador (Blue Crimson) v1 by ChetJ5
Really. Your the only one who got a error. Go control panel then Folder options > View. Scroll through the list for (Hide extensions) and uncheck it....
Posted 5 years ago.
Project Halo Four by ChetJ5
Its should be compatible up to XP
Posted 5 years ago.
Project HatsuLuka by ChetJ5
English please guys
Posted 5 years ago.

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Project Angel's Fa...
3 years ago

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